Business Services

Passionate about Productivity

Business operations depend on worker productivity. At Addx, we know first hand how influential organizational identity and culture are on how people learn, work, and perform. Leveraging this knowledge, we develop tailored business solutions to maximize organizational productivity and effectivity. This is our passion.

Program Management Operations

Total customer satisfaction is our number one focus. At Addx, we deliver relevant, reliable, responsive, and convenient service through flawless contract execution. We strive consistently to build trust, deliver on our promises, and meet our customer’s expectations.

Education and Training

Using Agile Methodology and instructional development systems, we provide immersive solutions for both in-person and virtual learning. Additionally, we specialize in management of training facilities and online courses.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is often viewed solely as a technology solution. But with the Addx Team’s intense customer focus, we consider what our customers want to do with and what they want from their data. This approach leverages our Technology Services, delivering the right information for making holistic action plans and organizational decisions.

Business Operations Support

At Addx, we provide integrated and seamless back-office support in finance, budgeting, human resources, and acquisition services.

Change Management

In rapidly-changing technical environments, organizational support is necessary to quickly realize the performance expectations of investments and modernization. At Addx, we provide rapid assimilation methodologies for the full range of personnel capabilities, enabling our customers rapid deployment of activities to achieve planned productivity goals.

Facilities Support

Modern facilities require secure building management technologies to operate efficiently, effectively, and safely. The Addx Team offers cleared and certified experts and personnel to execute and manage Facility Operation Requirements solutions seamlessly.