Technology Services

Better Mission Outcomes

At Addx, we take an innovative, pragmatic approach to solving our customers’ most challenging problems. Only after we have explored, evaluated, and analyzed the challenge do we implement the right technology solution to help our customers modernize and optimize their business to better achieve their missions.

Enterprise Cloud Business and Information Systems

Addx provides end-to-end information technology life cycle solutions for the enterprise that allow our customers to upgrade and modernize their legacy systems to a secure cloud environment. Our processes and procedures safeguard against both external and internal cybersecurity threats.

Cybersecurity Operations

Addx helps our customers continuously monitor and improve their organization’s security with “baked-in” solutions that create high barriers to entry. Our disciplined approach to implementing, testing, and monitoring allows for better security, visibility, and business continuity for our customers.

AWS Cloud

Addx is an AWS Select Public Sector Consulting Partner. We deliver government cloud migration and DevSecOps solutions by integrating extensive government business domain knowledge with deep AWS cloud expertise. We fully support our customers’ missions from the perspective of their strategies, state of technology, people, and processes. The bottom line: Addx makes the cloud work for you.

Network Operations

Addx helps ensure secure, reliable, and uninterrupted availability of our customers’ mission-critical networks. Our solutions comply with the Federal Information Security Management Act and control information, identity, credential, and access to support network performance and security for all users.

CIO/IT Support Services

Addx supports the Office of the CIO with a forward-thinking approach to problem-solving. Our solutions support the modernization of legacy systems by identifying the correct technologies to help government agencies transition to a higher level of performance.

Research and Development

Addx recognizes that technologies are moving at an extraordinary speed. To meet this demand, our R&D focuses on rapid innovation, accelerating technologies, and proper testing to ensure we are providing our customers with the best solution to fit their needs. All are done in the Addx Lab to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.