Mission Matched

Addx delivers tailored solutions to meet our nation’s most complex challenges. We leverage our forward-thinking, advanced technologies, and innovative technical expertise to provide positive mission outcomes. As a proven partner to the Civilian, National Security, and Space communities, Addx delivers increased efficiency, enhanced performance, and reduced costs to our customers.


Civilian departments and agencies are undertaking significant transformation and modernization to support their missions. Our experience across many organizations provides the know-how to move them forward. Addx manages resources, streamlines program management, refines planning and budgeting, improves responsiveness and ensures innovative, smart solutions are delivered.

National Security

The National Security community provides the critical services to keep the nation safe and secure. Addx supports our customers through the constant threats and challenges from adversaries. We connect the advanced technology and processes our customers need for information gathering, analysis, and communication. We also provide expertise in intelligence, cybersecurity, systems engineering, logistics, cloud, and training.


Addx is working with national security and defense agencies to provide solutions for the next battlefield. Our experience in cyber, cloud, data analytics, networking, and software development is supporting the new frontier. We are integrating the knowledge, innovation, and technology to deliver the answers for the new era of space missions. 

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