Air Force Lifecycle Management Center, Advanced Battle Management Systems (ABMS)


AFLCMC Chief Architect Integration Office (AFLCMC/CAIO) and the US Air Force will obtain the ability to get consolidated real-time information to operators at the tactical edge, in the most efficient manner, reducing Observe/Orient/Decide/Act (OODA) timelines, improving Air Force lethality and agility, reducing time to value by using Addx’s approach to rapid convergence of data and applications.


Addx concentrates on mitigating technical mission roadblocks with cloud solutions and certified support. We differentiate ourselves as one of the best project teams in the government contracting field by leveraging close customer collaboration, quick iteration, rapid prototyping, business agility, and generational mentoring.

Addx delivers unique, high-value, scalable, rapid, and secure cloud capabilities applied to solving AFLCMC’s most challenging problems.